Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Persistence Pays!

Last month, I talked about my magazine crush on Wisteria. My husband wanted to get me the birch village as a Christmas gift. Due to the fabulous sale (and his procrastinating) there was only one piece of the village left...the sawmill. I got it on Christmas and LOVED it but wondered what I would do with just one piece. So much for my idea of an elaborate village display! 1 doesn't make much of a display! How sad for the sawmill. :(

Now...I've been stalking (yes, stalking) Wisteria's website for weeks waiting them to reduce the price of the cookbook holder I want (they didn't). I opened the site on Friday and found (drum roll) more of the birch village! The people at work must have thought I lost my mind...then again, they know me and know I lost my mind long ago! I even did the happy dance all the way to my locker to get my debit card! How could this be? All of the lovely pieces of the lovely birch village I need to make my lovely display! How LOVELY!

I bought 3 or 4 additional pieces. I don't even remember what I bought! I just clicked on everything I saw! My receipt says this is what I bought...

The schoolhouse...$9.75

The cottage...$9.75

The barn...$9.75

I also got the church pictured at the top ($12.25)! Yeah for bargains!

I think it will all look great on top of my free piano next Christmas!


  1. I will have to look at that Wisteria, never heard of it! That will make a very sweet village on your fab piano. I actually did a double take on the piano post... we gave our piano away not too long ago, and at first I thought, "Oh my goodness, someone is blogging about the piano I gave them!" But it's not ours. Ours had been a player piano once upon a time, and in one photo I could tell yours was not... Bummer. It would have been nice knowing someone else in my town who had a blog... Anyway I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog! I came here by way of... either Nester or Kimba...

  2. Those are really pretty! What a great find. :)


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