Monday, January 26, 2009

A Mother's Mistake and Her Pride

Last year the girls wanted a bowling birthday party. It was the time that my mom was sick so the party never was planned. (Don't feel bad for them...they went to Disney instead!) So this year it had to be bowling!

When it came time to do the invites, I wanted all the girls in the class...14. Then we also have neighbors that are in the other kindergarten class...they were invited too. Throw in a few cousins and other close friends that couldn't be left out and you have 24 kids! Yes, you read right...24 little girls!

I pride myself on being a mom that doesn't overindulge her kids. So obviously, I lost my mind this time. I failed miserably at a twin mom dilemma! The problem came when L wanted a certain girl and O wanted another. I didn't have enough common sense to correct this problem. Next time (which won't be for a L.O.N.G. time), they will each get to pick a certain number and that's IT!

And so we bowled! And had a GREAT time!

Here is the aftermath of 22 guests buying for twins...

Don't they look happy?
We couldn't even open gifts at the party because it would take too long.
We just had Christmas overload 1 month ago. We just could not keep all these gifts. Before the girls started opening them at home, we had a talk about the generosity of others and ways to be generous in return. It was decided that there would be a "keep" and a "give" pile. The "give" pile is going to one of the area children's hospitals.
The girls were extremely generous with the items they were willing to give. There were no tears or pouting. There were no arguments over what to keep. The picture above was taken after the decision to share was made.
Here is just part of the give pile...

I couldn't be more proud! There are teachable moments all around us, we just have to open our hearts and minds to see them.


  1. My heart just grew two sizes reading this post!!! What great women these little girls are going to be when they grow up. I love this idea!!!

  2. Well, it seems like they had a birthday to remember! Sometimes parties can get pretty big, but as mine have gotten a little older it has been easier to handle. Good job with the sharing! :-)

  3. Your Girls are Beautiful on the outside and even more Beautiful on the inside....what sweet girls to give to those in need! They deserve a BIG HUG!

  4. Well, my goodness. I strive to be like you, what a wonderful lesson to teach your girls! Your are one golden momma.

    You made me get all warm inside!

  5. I love seeing this. My daughter is invited to a birthday party on Saturday where they will make Build-a-bears and then drop them off at the local hospital for distribution. Sweet.

    Congratulations on raising giving children!

  6. I love your life lesson in beautiful and generous giving! What sweet girls!

  7. What a wonderful idea to teach your girls to give! I love it. :-)



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