Saturday, January 24, 2009

Give It Up

This post is probably more therapy for me than it is interesting for you. I made no New Years resolution for the simple fact that I don't stick to them. Why set yourself up for failure? I also think you can resolve to do things at any time. Like today!

Lately, I have become a crazy woman when it comes to coupon clipping and bargain shopping. However, I think one of the biggest burdens on the budget (that I don't actually have) is eating out. I plan a menu every week. And every week we sneak in some unplanned, unhealthy dining experience. Of course, the kids love it. When asked, it is always McDonald's. I, too, love the golden arches. When people say they really don't like it, I wonder if their DNA is shorted out! Yummy french fries and greasy burgers...and the best diet Coke!

So I say, "Enough already!"

There it is...for everyone in blogland to see. I think this public proclamation might make me more accountable to stick to it. We have already spoken to the girls about it and they agreed. They aren't happy, but they agreed. So soup and grilled cheeses, toasted raviolis and left overs will substitute for the fast food. We will find a way to use what is in the pantry and freezer and make it work! Plus, if I'm going to create a beautiful kitchen, I should use it!

We have committed as a family to give it up for 1 fast food, no subs, no vending machines, no take-out and no restaurants. The only fry Friday! We have to be good Catholics and support the church! :) Plus, it only happens once a month. During this next month, Lent will start. I plan on continuing this for Lent as well. Wait til the kids hear that!

Thanks for listening to my rant! And wish me luck!

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  1. Came over from the Inspired Room to visit you. :)

    I agree about eating out and the budget. I've been really working on that also. We actually enjoy eating at home it's just hard to always be planned and have all the groceries. I think you are right that it takes a menu and some work ahead of time. Good luck to both of us!!

    BTW, I've given up certain things like McDonalds before - for us it's our weekly mexican food. You will appreciate it more when you do get it!


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