Monday, January 5, 2009

My Epiphany

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany at church. Epiphany celebrates Jesus being revealed to the Magi. The Kings then presented Jesus with their gifts and they were humbled in His presence.
This may mean little to most but it carries a special place for me. Epiphany of Our Lord was the church and grade school I attended. I reached many of life's milestones inside those walls. I shared most of those experiences with people that still surround me today. I made friendships that have lasted 30 years! WHAT A GIFT!

Epiphany school is where I met Dana, Joy, Tracy, Jen, Chrissy, Stephanie and Kim. It is the place where many of us were baptized as infants, made our First Communion together, Confirmed our commitment to God and Church and graduated from grade school. It is also where many of us were married. It holds more memories for me and my friends and family than I can count! People I meet are always amazed that we met in kindergarten and have remained friends for so long. WHAT A GIFT!

These friendships have been tested in the past...liking the same boy (you all know who that is!), going to different high schools and colleges, and busy lives with husbands and kids. More than once, I have wandered from this group. It seems I forget its value in times of crisis or stress. I went through infertility and a difficult twin pregnancy without leaning upon them. However, I felt their strength through my mom's illness and death. Yet again recently, as I faced my first holidays without mom, I wandered. This is something I can't explain. There is no great "epiphany" of why. What I do know is that I love them and need them as part of my daily life. We truly have a special gift in our long lasting friendships.

Jen wrote about all of us last year on her blog. She has a true ability for seeing others' talents and putting it into words. I reread that today. Thank you for that gift.
So to my Epiphany girls, I love you all and will see you SOON!


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  1. The Feast of Epiphany touched a special place with me as well this year. I totally agree that the epiphany girls' lifetime friendship IS a gift -- and I think it was really big of you to acknowledge past detachment from it at this vital time. Great post! Love you guys...and see you soon.


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