Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

The procrastinator in me won this time and I did not send out Christmas cards this year. Surprisingly, I really feel OK about it! If I had sent one out...this would have been the photo.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I was so touched the other day when the super talented Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home left me a comment on my last post that is MONTHS old asking me where I've been. So sweet! Didn't realize anyone noticed I was gone!
Well...I've been in grad school. The first semester is over and I hope to squeeze some posts in before the next semester begins.

So here is where I have been too...
Soccer...lots of soccer! I have mentioned that I HATE soccer?
But when the kids are so darn cute in their uniforms, how could I resist?
Then hubby and I celebrated our 13th anniversary at the Cardinal's game. Yes. We are in the last row and it was FREEZING cold! Nothing but the best for his lady!

Halloween was great! Great weather, freinds and family and Super Heros everywhere!

You may recall that in May I ran my first 5K. Well I'm still running and in November my girls ran their first 5K. They ran the Girls on the Run 5K. If you are not familiar with the program, it is an awesome self-esteem building program for girls that using running. My girls are too young for the program but that didn't stop them! One of my proudest moments!

Then Thanksgiving rolled aroung and the hubby deep fried the turkey. As Rachel Ray would say, "YUMMO"!!

The sisters helped cook the feast and it was delicious! Lots of mom's recipes for the eating.

I think that's a good summary of where I have been. More posts to come!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well Dressed

OK! I really have no time the write this post but I'm so excited about this that it must be done....advanced nursing theory can wait a little longer.

The kitchen is in the home stretch and has been for 6 months! The finishing touches take longer than anything. I needed curtains and knew I wanted toile. I LOVE TOILE! Easy right? NOT! I could only find toile with a base color of white and that meant too much white in my kitchen with new white cabinets. Then one day while surfing blogland, I found a post about the most lovely bedding (yes, bedding) with a blue back ground and toile scene. So off to Target and got the last one on clearance for $60. SCORE!

Problem....I don't all! So I planned to a Nester mistreatment. Then stepped in my most lovely and talented neighbor that offered to help me do it properly. Jenny is the best! She first sent me to task ripping the whole thing apart. Here's the mess I was left with.

Don't you just love the fabric?!

So one afternoon we went to work. When I say we, I mean Jenny and I was her best cheerleader!

Then the sewing began. She swears it's easy but I'm not so sure...

What was suppose to take an afternoon took D.A.Y.S! Jenny did a great job and I really appreciate the time she put into it.

Here are the results and I love it!!!!!!

Check out the detail. Jenny took the time to use the cording I had cut off and made it look so professional.

Remember...this started out as bedding so there was only so much material to work with and no way of getting additional. So the middle treatment is yellow while the 2 sides are blue. I think it looks so great. Amazing what can be done when you are forced to use what you have.

Here are the panels by the bay window. I can't get them both in one picture so you don't get the full effect but it's fabulous!

She made bans for all the treatments and payed attention to the image that would be visible.

Check this out! She perfectly matched up the patterns where the yellow and blue materials meet. So awesome!
Thanks to Jenny for a job better than I could have imagined! She really took a lot of time and did a great job. No! You can't have her as your neighbor...I have trouble sharing!

Friday, August 7, 2009

SHE WON! blogging this week like planned but WHO CARES!!! Melanie won the MR340 women's solo division with a time of 55 hours and 58 minutes!!! Yippee!!
I had no internet access except my iPhone. Why did I think I could get internet while sitting on the banks of the Missouri River? Completely delusional!
I would love to write more but I'm going to save it all for a time when I am less tired and can really try to share what the experience was like.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MR340-We Have Arrived!

The road trip to Kansas City was great despite the fact that I only had 2 hours of sleep at work the night before. I tried to nap but Mel seemed to veer off the road every time I closed my eyes. Coincidence? I think not! Rotten little sister!

We arrived and checked into the hotel and went directly to the boat ramp. What else would we do? There were already about 50 boats stationed around the ramp waiting for the next day.

Here is the view of KC from the boat ramp.

There she is...the Clark W. Griswold. Yep! That is the name of Mel's boat. Named for the lovable character from the movie National Lampoon Vacation. You gotta love it! Paying homage to the man that was always optimistic and confident despite the numerous blunders that occurred on his adventures. Let's hope Mel's adventures are filled with far less disasters! Oh! The's named cousin Eddie!

The boat came off the truck and we began to ready it for the tomorrow. There really wasn't a lot to do yet but it felt good to be there and working toward her goal. Our cousin, Joe, came down to help and provide moral support! Thanks, Joe! We love you!

Here are the things that surprised the non-kayaking river support person...the people! Young, old, athletes and overweight, moms (that really looked like soccer moms) and hippies. What an eclectic group of people! And everyone was so kind and friendly, sharing tips and advice, battle stories and well-wishes.

So there they sit like soldiers waiting for battle. Remember, this is a race against the other competitors and a challenge for the mind and body.

Now we wait. Mel has checked in, attended the mandatory safety meeting and we will brief one last time before bed (and again in the morning)!

Remember her in your prayers for the next few days and I will try to update often.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just a little warning that things will be different this week. My baby sister, Melanie, is competing in the MR340 river race. It is the longest non-stop river race in the WORLD! I am her official road crew...meaning I keep her well supplied in food, water and moral support. The race is from Kansas City, MO to St. Charles, MO on the Missouri River. ALL 340 miles of it! There is an 88 hour time limit. Yep...88 hours of river fun! The race begins Tuesday at 8AM and Mel hopes to be done on Thursday afternoon. Somewhere in the mid-60 hour mark. If you want to read more about it, visit You can track her progress under the "forum" tab. Then go to "board topics" to find the leaders...Melanie Hof will be listed there!

This is a true test of physical and mental strength. That is A LOT of time of the river alone to be filled with self-doubt! So I ask you all to remember Mel in your prayers over the next few days and come back here to visit ofternand see how she is doing! Did I mention she has only owned a kayak for about 6 weeks?! She really might be a little crazy!

So the next few days, I will be basically using my blog as a journal for the adventure we are on. No decorating, no projects, no gushing about my kids...just me rambling on about the race. There may be LOTS of rambling because I will have LOTS of time by myself. I apologize in advance. I will do my best to chronicle the race for Mel and I, including photos. We will see how that goes out there in the middle of no where! Please computer, don't fail me now!
See you on the river!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goodbye, Neighbors

Saying goodbye to good neighbors is tough. Saying goodbye to my neighbors is...well...weird. You see, my house backs to a cemetery and the cemetery is moving. Yes...all 1500 graves...moving. When we bought this house, it didn't bother use that a cemetery was in our backyard. Quiet neighbors! We thought we were safe from building and development. WRONG!

Here is the overhead view of the property. You can see the lovely circular design of the cemetery. My house backs right up to all that geometric splendor. It almost looks like a crop circle.

We first heard about moving the cemetery this winter and it has moved quickly. It is mainly nuns from the Sisters of St. Joseph Order buried there. So I guess with no kids or grand kids to complain about the move, off they went!
There was a closing ceremony that the kids watched from the fence. The attendees carried banners, rang bells, sang songs and said some prayers. Everyone there seemed fine with the idea of the big move. So who were we to complain? What would be the use of complaining? It's not our property.
Then the black tarp went up and the backhoes started working. I have spared you the pictures of that! Needless to say, it has been a weird summer in our house. The blinds remain closed and the curtains drawn, just in case. I would hate for the kids to see something that would scar them for life. The work starts early in the morning so there has been little sleeping in for the kids this summer. BUMMER for mom!
So, we say goodbye to our neighbors. The quiet neighbors. The good neighbors. The neighbors that have never caused a problem. We will miss the beautiful headstones and statues, the nuns (living ones) that take walks out back and always smile and wave. We will miss the "park" we had in the yard because we know someday it will be replaced with something not nearly as lovely. RIP

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to School

No, the kids aren't going back to school yet. It's me! At least I hope so. I have my graduate school interview tomorrow and could use some well-wishes and prayers.

The decision to go back to school now was a hard one. But like all things, once I make up my mind...consider it done! I am interviewing at Barnes College for the acute care nurse practitioner program. I will be 2 years of craziness with a full time job and 3 kids but worth the sacrifice to return to the ICU. That is the area of nursing I love and miss. I know it's crazy to say I miss the ICU but what I do now is pretty crazy too!

I'm sure it will mean less time for blogging. Nothing to write about if there is no time for projects and thrift store shopping! But I hope to have the occasional stroke of mediocrity to talk about!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves...gotta get in first. (They will never let me in with grammar like that!) So say a little prayer for me Wednesday at 11:00 as I sit before the panel and try to convince them to take me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Take It Off

I am learning s.l.o.w.l.y. that just because I have something, doesn't mean I have to use it. When we were putting our old house on the market, we removed a lot of "extras" around our house. This included photos, knick knacks and even furniture. I took the top off of my china cabinet to make the dining room look larger. I LOVED how it looked! Then we moved....and I put the silly thing back on! Why?! I'm puzzled. Strange that I would put it back on but I guess I just thought I was somehow REQUIRED to use it because I bought it. I never said my thought process was normal!

Sorry for my usual BAD is the china cabinet on the buffet. I know...hard to see anything but the glare!

Here it is now...

Ahh! It's so much better! The mirror and thingies on the sides are from Hobby Lobby...on sale of course. The lamps are the hunter green Goodwill lamps that I painted. The shades are also a Goodwill find for $4! These shades replaced the orginial ones I had bought and left the plastic on just in case.

A little collection of Goodwill finds that just needed a white coat of paint and all is well.

Monday, July 6, 2009


First of all, I'm back! My computer seems to be fixed and I have downloaded all of my pictures back to it! Yippee! Thanks to Ian for retrieving my photos and burning them on a disk and thanks to Mike who stay up all night (literally) to download all my software and whatever other computer stuff it needed.

So here's a little project that I did that took 5 minutes! Lots of folks are incorporating moss topiaries or moss balls into their decor. I am still trying to accessorize the foyer table that I painted. I had put the items together quickly (with the help of my neighbor) and now I am trying to fine tune it!

For the project, you just need a styrofoam ball (green is best) and a bag of moss. I chose to hot glue it on but you could also use spray on adhesive.

It is a messy project, so be sure to put newspaper or something down on your work area.

Here is the final result....

I put it on a container I bought at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for a few dollars. It is a beautiful piece with birds and vines! PERFECT! Just don't get too close....there are a few bald spots! Maybe a little lopsided too! Typically me!

Now all the table needs a different lamp and artwork. Back to the thrift stores!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009


IF you have a son, you understand the tears I have today. If you only have daughters, you will think I'm a complete idiot. The little wild man turned 3 today! How can this be?! Wasn't he just born? Somebody make it stop...please! I can't handle this growing up thing!

My mom warned me about the bond between a mom and her son. You see, 4 daughters and 1 son for her. AND Bro (that's my brother) was (is) rotten! When mom visited me and the little wild man in the hospital the day he was born, she told me I would now understand there was something different she felt for my brother. Not more love, just a different love. WOW! Was she right! People (you know who you are) tease me about how I am around my son. I just gush when I talk about him. It's actually a little pathetic! Don't get me wrong, he gets in LOTS of trouble, but he also melts my heart! Have you seen his blue eyes? He melts EVERYONE'S heart!

So we have gone from the above picture to this...

in just 3 short years. I can't begin to imagine what the future holds for this momma and her baby.

Happy Birthday, Little Man! Thanks for letting me rock you to sleep tonight! I love you!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Tumbl?

A few months ago I read a post (can't remember who wrote it) about Tumblr....and now I'm hooked. Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme's HTML. Even use your own domain name. It's AWESOME!

You can also follow people on Tumblr much like you follow on Blogger. I currently follow 2, The Nester and The Inspired Room. I sometimes see what their next post will be before they write.

I use it as a way to organize different projects I might like to try. This keeps me from having to remember who wrote and when. I have a direct link to the ideas that interest me and put a picture with the post so I remember what the project was. You can use it instead of an inspiration binder or notebook.

Here is the link to my Tumblr page if you want to check it out...
You can see that I had an obsession over farm house sinks in the middle of the kitchen remodel....then I didn't even get one! Now I am going crazy over trying to find a new color for my bedroom. Don't tell my hubby! He doesn't know yet that I want to change it!
Check it out! I'm sure you will love Tumblr as a wsy to be well-organized....or to not spend hours searching through blogs you follow looking for the idea of how to repurpose that iron trivot from 1979!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well.....the pictures have been recovered (Praise God!) but the computer still is not functioning. Lesson learned: back-up all that is important and the things that are not! You can never be too careful with your memories!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Forgive this computer with ALL my photos has crashed and I am THE WORST about backing it up! Say a prayer that my photos can be recovered! Then I can get back to blogging!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Bragging

Crazy week=little blogging!

Crazy because I have been busy with kids since school is out. I thought I'd share some photos and show what we have been up to. It is predominately the girls because they finished kindergarten (sigh) and had a fabulous dance recital!

L reading at church at the Kindergarten mass.

O's turn to read. They both did a great job!

Then it was recital time! Don't you just love the buns! They are the "official" Disney princess buns. They Fairy Godmother in training at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique taught me how to do it this year.

We were so proud! The girls were placed front and center...that means they are the best right?! Anyway....they did a great a fantastic job!

Remember when I talked about the crazy excess for the girls' birthday? January. We finally donated all the extra new toys to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. It is hard to express the pride we all felt in doing something for these sick kids.

Now these are genuine smiles!

Then it was time to party at the school picnic!

Summer is here!