Monday, July 27, 2009

Take It Off

I am learning s.l.o.w.l.y. that just because I have something, doesn't mean I have to use it. When we were putting our old house on the market, we removed a lot of "extras" around our house. This included photos, knick knacks and even furniture. I took the top off of my china cabinet to make the dining room look larger. I LOVED how it looked! Then we moved....and I put the silly thing back on! Why?! I'm puzzled. Strange that I would put it back on but I guess I just thought I was somehow REQUIRED to use it because I bought it. I never said my thought process was normal!

Sorry for my usual BAD is the china cabinet on the buffet. I know...hard to see anything but the glare!

Here it is now...

Ahh! It's so much better! The mirror and thingies on the sides are from Hobby Lobby...on sale of course. The lamps are the hunter green Goodwill lamps that I painted. The shades are also a Goodwill find for $4! These shades replaced the orginial ones I had bought and left the plastic on just in case.

A little collection of Goodwill finds that just needed a white coat of paint and all is well.


  1. That looks so nice! I love the wall color and that circle mirror.

  2. Love it! It looks like a whole new room!

  3. It's so hard to get out of that box isn't it? I struggle with that soooo much. The new look is perfect - and I think it really lets the lovely wall color make a statement too.


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