Thursday, July 2, 2009


IF you have a son, you understand the tears I have today. If you only have daughters, you will think I'm a complete idiot. The little wild man turned 3 today! How can this be?! Wasn't he just born? Somebody make it stop...please! I can't handle this growing up thing!

My mom warned me about the bond between a mom and her son. You see, 4 daughters and 1 son for her. AND Bro (that's my brother) was (is) rotten! When mom visited me and the little wild man in the hospital the day he was born, she told me I would now understand there was something different she felt for my brother. Not more love, just a different love. WOW! Was she right! People (you know who you are) tease me about how I am around my son. I just gush when I talk about him. It's actually a little pathetic! Don't get me wrong, he gets in LOTS of trouble, but he also melts my heart! Have you seen his blue eyes? He melts EVERYONE'S heart!

So we have gone from the above picture to this...

in just 3 short years. I can't begin to imagine what the future holds for this momma and her baby.

Happy Birthday, Little Man! Thanks for letting me rock you to sleep tonight! I love you!


  1. Hold gets crazier. Mine is taking his driving test today! Ouch!!

    Your son is so adorable.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  2. "Miss Amy" is sad too. 1. He is growing up 2.That means I am that much older 3. I do not get to see your family as often. He does melt hearts. Just wait till he is a teenager. The girls will be after him. Wonder how Mommy is going to handle that? He is such a sweetie!


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