Friday, August 7, 2009

SHE WON! blogging this week like planned but WHO CARES!!! Melanie won the MR340 women's solo division with a time of 55 hours and 58 minutes!!! Yippee!!
I had no internet access except my iPhone. Why did I think I could get internet while sitting on the banks of the Missouri River? Completely delusional!
I would love to write more but I'm going to save it all for a time when I am less tired and can really try to share what the experience was like.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MR340-We Have Arrived!

The road trip to Kansas City was great despite the fact that I only had 2 hours of sleep at work the night before. I tried to nap but Mel seemed to veer off the road every time I closed my eyes. Coincidence? I think not! Rotten little sister!

We arrived and checked into the hotel and went directly to the boat ramp. What else would we do? There were already about 50 boats stationed around the ramp waiting for the next day.

Here is the view of KC from the boat ramp.

There she is...the Clark W. Griswold. Yep! That is the name of Mel's boat. Named for the lovable character from the movie National Lampoon Vacation. You gotta love it! Paying homage to the man that was always optimistic and confident despite the numerous blunders that occurred on his adventures. Let's hope Mel's adventures are filled with far less disasters! Oh! The's named cousin Eddie!

The boat came off the truck and we began to ready it for the tomorrow. There really wasn't a lot to do yet but it felt good to be there and working toward her goal. Our cousin, Joe, came down to help and provide moral support! Thanks, Joe! We love you!

Here are the things that surprised the non-kayaking river support person...the people! Young, old, athletes and overweight, moms (that really looked like soccer moms) and hippies. What an eclectic group of people! And everyone was so kind and friendly, sharing tips and advice, battle stories and well-wishes.

So there they sit like soldiers waiting for battle. Remember, this is a race against the other competitors and a challenge for the mind and body.

Now we wait. Mel has checked in, attended the mandatory safety meeting and we will brief one last time before bed (and again in the morning)!

Remember her in your prayers for the next few days and I will try to update often.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just a little warning that things will be different this week. My baby sister, Melanie, is competing in the MR340 river race. It is the longest non-stop river race in the WORLD! I am her official road crew...meaning I keep her well supplied in food, water and moral support. The race is from Kansas City, MO to St. Charles, MO on the Missouri River. ALL 340 miles of it! There is an 88 hour time limit. Yep...88 hours of river fun! The race begins Tuesday at 8AM and Mel hopes to be done on Thursday afternoon. Somewhere in the mid-60 hour mark. If you want to read more about it, visit You can track her progress under the "forum" tab. Then go to "board topics" to find the leaders...Melanie Hof will be listed there!

This is a true test of physical and mental strength. That is A LOT of time of the river alone to be filled with self-doubt! So I ask you all to remember Mel in your prayers over the next few days and come back here to visit ofternand see how she is doing! Did I mention she has only owned a kayak for about 6 weeks?! She really might be a little crazy!

So the next few days, I will be basically using my blog as a journal for the adventure we are on. No decorating, no projects, no gushing about my kids...just me rambling on about the race. There may be LOTS of rambling because I will have LOTS of time by myself. I apologize in advance. I will do my best to chronicle the race for Mel and I, including photos. We will see how that goes out there in the middle of no where! Please computer, don't fail me now!
See you on the river!