Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Story of the Dress

Several years ago, my mom, the world traveler, decided she wanted to take all of her kids on a special trip with her. She took Kathy to Greece, Sandy to Singapore, Dan and his family to Hilton Head and me to Europe. Sadly, Melanie never got her trip with mom. I will cherish the memories of my trip forever.

Mom and I spent 10 days visiting Germany, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic in the fall of 2000. We had a great time seeing the sights and SHOPPING! We were expert shoppers and had a to buy an extra suitcase to get all of our items home.

While in Vienna, we went into a Catholic store...of course, she was Linda Hof. She could find a way to make shopping a religious experience. I found the MOST BEAUTIFUL baptismal gown EVER! She was unaware that hubby and I were trying to get pregnant. I was looking for an excuse to buy the dress and hold onto it for the future. Instead, she bought it (not sure how that happened) and most of the grandkids have been baptized in it since.

The embroidery is unbelievable! (However, my photography stinks!) It was unlike anything I had ever seen. The red is really striking and the detail is fantastic.

Each child's name has been added.

There is PLENTY of room for many more generations to be added. I hope my children, nieces and nephews cherish it the way I do.

Here is the most recent addition...Lindie Jane, baptized this weekend.

Mom's gift to all of us.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Magical Words

I took almost 400 pictures on vacation. So creating this was almost IMPOSSIBLE for me! So here is the Readers' Digest version of our WONDERFUL trip to Walt Disney World...

We met characters...

We met princesses...

We became princesses...

We rode LOTS of rides...

We got autographs...

We tried new, daring things...

We ate...

We danced...



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Sister

It's my baby sister, Melanie's, birthday today. Not just any birthday, it's her 30th! That's right, the baby is 30! Funny that I remember the day she was born and also remember not being able to remember her name!

Melanie has become such an incredible and accomplished woman that I rarely think of her as my little sister anymore. Instead I think of her as my peer. We are very similar in many ways but compliment each other in our differences. She has motivated me to start exercising....a fantastic feat in itself! She and our sister, Sandy, have inspired me to return to school. When did I turn into the slacker of the family?! Melaine recently purchased her first home. A great accomplishment for any single woman!

Melanie is also a very private person, keeping emotions in check. However, she shined when mom was sick. She was with me on mom's last night. Helping me care for her in the final hours. I still remember looking over from my sleeping spot on the couch and seeing mom sleeping across from me and Mel keeping watch in the chair. Mel was strong and gentle through it all.

Happy Birthday, baby sister! I hope we have the oppurtunity to celebrate 60+ more together!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Party in Heaven!

Today is mom's birthday and I bet there is a party in heaven. My mom was the ULTIMATE party planner and hostess. She threw wedding and baby showers, family holidays, birthday parties and even had a wedding and reception in her family room! Although she wouldn't be throwing a party for herself, I'm sure those with her above are celebrating a life that few could ever imagine. It was a life filled with family, friends, church, travel and LOVE!

She was so much to so many. For my dad, she was a loving wife, best friend, confidant, chef, household manager, bookkeeper, travel agent, private shopper and love of his life. She kept our busy house running like a fine tuned machine and made it look effortless.

For her 5 kids, she was a loving mother, teacher, girl scout leader, basketball coach, personal driver, nurse, chef, supporter of all activities, disciplinarian and best example of how to live a life full of love.

For her grandchildren, there are no words to all that she was to them! Such pure love I have never seen before! And for the granddaughter she never got to meet, her love and traditions live on in all of us. We will be sure that Lindie knows all about her guardian angel. There is also Lydia, the sweet girl born too soon. Now she has grandma all to herself! I can see them nesteled together in a rocking chair.

To my girls, she was so much a part of their daily lives. She cared for them when I worked, making my dream of being a flight nurse possible. I always knew they were with the best! She walked the line perfectly between grandma and caretaker on those days. She did it all with love.

So Lord, she is yours now. Give her the celebration she deserves for a life well lived! Happy Birthday, mom.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter


Hope everyone has a Blessed Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off to Disney We Go

We are off to Disney on Easter Sunday and the kids STILL have no idea! I have not decided how to tell them yet. I think there will be something special in their Easter basket and I plan to record their reactions! What fun!

I'm sure we'll be riding the girls' favorite ride: Barnstormers! I think the little wild man will be tall enough to ride this time. What fun!

The girls will be getting hair and make-up done again. What fun!

The little wild man will see his favorite character again...and turn and run. What fun!

I'm sure the princesses will pass out on the way back to the hotel! What fun!

We're off the have fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here is a great and inexpensive way to greet your guests...

I bought it from an etsy shop called ScribbleIt. I first spotted them out in blogland months ago and loved them. Wish I could give credit to the person that first turned me on to them, but it was awhile ago and long lost in an archive. Then I saw how reasonable priced they were and loved them more!

ScribbleIt has tons of really creative ideas for walls, cabinets and even refrigerators! They also offer free shipping now and again, if you can be patient! Did I mention that they are easy to apply? Even someone as challenged as I am can do it. Remember to use a level and peel s. l. o. w. l. y. to be sure each letter comes off easily.

When you come and visit, know that you are welcome in my home!

By the way, the color is Sherwin William's Sun dried Tomato.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Decor

A quick tour of Easter decor around the house revealed many family memories for me.

This basket and egg were given to O on her baptism, Easter 2003 from Aunt Carol. L got a matching one in purple.

This basket was made for me by Grandma Hof. I love that it has her signature on the bottom. She always gave me things to cherish and remember her by. The little bunny in front was made by her too. Can you tell the ear has been glued back together?

The little chick inside the basket has my name on the hat. Unfortunately, she has lost an eye!~ Sorry, Grandma, I promise to take better care of them!

I picked up these beauties at Tuesday Morning. I love that the butterflies look like they are flying in the jar! Perfect for all of spring!

Bunnies on a blue plate for my blue dining room. The plate is from Goodwill for next to nothing! I love it and need about 10 more in various sizes and shapes!

Finally, the little wild man altered one...nice toothbrush in the candle holder! Thanks for the help!