Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Decor

A quick tour of Easter decor around the house revealed many family memories for me.

This basket and egg were given to O on her baptism, Easter 2003 from Aunt Carol. L got a matching one in purple.

This basket was made for me by Grandma Hof. I love that it has her signature on the bottom. She always gave me things to cherish and remember her by. The little bunny in front was made by her too. Can you tell the ear has been glued back together?

The little chick inside the basket has my name on the hat. Unfortunately, she has lost an eye!~ Sorry, Grandma, I promise to take better care of them!

I picked up these beauties at Tuesday Morning. I love that the butterflies look like they are flying in the jar! Perfect for all of spring!

Bunnies on a blue plate for my blue dining room. The plate is from Goodwill for next to nothing! I love it and need about 10 more in various sizes and shapes!

Finally, the little wild man altered one...nice toothbrush in the candle holder! Thanks for the help!


  1. thanks for the tour! what great easter decorations! and fond memories. Joe

  2. I used to love to eat those sugar eggs! jen


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