Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Sister

It's my baby sister, Melanie's, birthday today. Not just any birthday, it's her 30th! That's right, the baby is 30! Funny that I remember the day she was born and also remember not being able to remember her name!

Melanie has become such an incredible and accomplished woman that I rarely think of her as my little sister anymore. Instead I think of her as my peer. We are very similar in many ways but compliment each other in our differences. She has motivated me to start exercising....a fantastic feat in itself! She and our sister, Sandy, have inspired me to return to school. When did I turn into the slacker of the family?! Melaine recently purchased her first home. A great accomplishment for any single woman!

Melanie is also a very private person, keeping emotions in check. However, she shined when mom was sick. She was with me on mom's last night. Helping me care for her in the final hours. I still remember looking over from my sleeping spot on the couch and seeing mom sleeping across from me and Mel keeping watch in the chair. Mel was strong and gentle through it all.

Happy Birthday, baby sister! I hope we have the oppurtunity to celebrate 60+ more together!


  1. That was so sweet! She is definetly a hard egg to crack!:0) I will be forever thankful to her as she was also there for me when my mom was sick too. Always there to listen when I had to ask her questions that were so fresh to her but never hesitated to answer. Happy Birthday Mel!! I know I will still talk to you in another 60:0)

    PS- hope you guys are having fun!

  2. Oh, how sweet! My little sister is named Melanie too and reminds me alot of your sister! What a great story! Happy 30th Melanie! Hope she had a wonderful day!


  3. This post was great. I agree with everything except Jenny being a slacker. I think taking care of four wonderful kids is an accomplishment that goes without saying (the fourth one is Tim. haha. kidding). But kudos to you and your siblings for encouraging each other to be the best that you can be and being there for eachother. Someone would be very proud! :)

    And happy friggin bday to Melanie and her new windows! :)


  4. Hey I just read this...thanks and sorry for the delay in the response!! What can I say, I'm awesome ;-) Hahaha...total joke! Now I need to get back to work!! Someone has to buy a kayak!!


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