Monday, April 13, 2009

Party in Heaven!

Today is mom's birthday and I bet there is a party in heaven. My mom was the ULTIMATE party planner and hostess. She threw wedding and baby showers, family holidays, birthday parties and even had a wedding and reception in her family room! Although she wouldn't be throwing a party for herself, I'm sure those with her above are celebrating a life that few could ever imagine. It was a life filled with family, friends, church, travel and LOVE!

She was so much to so many. For my dad, she was a loving wife, best friend, confidant, chef, household manager, bookkeeper, travel agent, private shopper and love of his life. She kept our busy house running like a fine tuned machine and made it look effortless.

For her 5 kids, she was a loving mother, teacher, girl scout leader, basketball coach, personal driver, nurse, chef, supporter of all activities, disciplinarian and best example of how to live a life full of love.

For her grandchildren, there are no words to all that she was to them! Such pure love I have never seen before! And for the granddaughter she never got to meet, her love and traditions live on in all of us. We will be sure that Lindie knows all about her guardian angel. There is also Lydia, the sweet girl born too soon. Now she has grandma all to herself! I can see them nesteled together in a rocking chair.

To my girls, she was so much a part of their daily lives. She cared for them when I worked, making my dream of being a flight nurse possible. I always knew they were with the best! She walked the line perfectly between grandma and caretaker on those days. She did it all with love.

So Lord, she is yours now. Give her the celebration she deserves for a life well lived! Happy Birthday, mom.


  1. Happy Birthday to a precious woman I've not had the privilege of meeting on this side of heaven. And blessings and prayers for you, Jenny, as you celebrate a priceless life well lived. I hope that, more than anything else, you feel joy and love surrounding you today and every day.

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Hof! Jenny, I will be thinking of you today...

  3. Every day is a celebration up there I am sure. Your mother meant so much to a great many people, as she touched the lives of so many people. We are still feeling her absence, but we carry on, and she carries on in all of you, like you said!


  4. stephanie castro prinsenApril 19, 2009 at 8:20 PM

    Wow, Jen! You are a wonderful writer. Or, maybe it is that your mom is so easy to write about! May God continue to bless you and your family with many fond memories of your beautiful mother. If only we could all walk just a little more like her everyday...

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hof!

  5. All i can say to you is that your mom knew what she was doing!! You are so much like her and I am sure she is in heaven smiling down at you, at what you have accomplished!! She molded you into a wonderful mother and a generous and giving person you are such a strong person and you have taught me alot and I will forever love you!! Happy birthday Linda (Mom) I love you and miss you more than you can imagine!! Thank you for all of the memories and laughs we had the nearly 20 yrs. I've known you!! You will forever be in my heart!!



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