Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Bragging

Crazy week=little blogging!

Crazy because I have been busy with kids since school is out. I thought I'd share some photos and show what we have been up to. It is predominately the girls because they finished kindergarten (sigh) and had a fabulous dance recital!

L reading at church at the Kindergarten mass.

O's turn to read. They both did a great job!

Then it was recital time! Don't you just love the buns! They are the "official" Disney princess buns. They Fairy Godmother in training at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique taught me how to do it this year.

We were so proud! The girls were placed front and center...that means they are the best right?! Anyway....they did a great a fantastic job!

Remember when I talked about the crazy excess for the girls' birthday? January. We finally donated all the extra new toys to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. It is hard to express the pride we all felt in doing something for these sick kids.

Now these are genuine smiles!

Then it was time to party at the school picnic!

Summer is here!


  1. You are ALREADY having a great summer! Great pics -- thanks for sharing!

  2. Now that is a school picnic done right :)
    Enjoy the summer now that school is out. Mine officially still have one more week.

  3. What a fabulous story and beautiful family! Your girls are just so sweet and I am sure they were placed in the center of the recital because of that! Have a wonderful summer!!



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