Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Do I Look?

Decorating the new house has been S L O W! So many projects in my head and so little time...and $$!! For Christmas, I wanted to find a ribbon bulletin boardsfor the girls to hold all the pictures they were propping up around their room. To my surprise, I couldn't find one. Well, at least not a cute one. Where had they gone? I know they were EVERYWHERE before Christmas!!?? Then I went to Kohl's and stumbled upon these beauties! Ribbon boards surrounding a mirror! Yeah! Two functions in one. The girls didn't have mirrors in their room either. What luck! Every girl needs a full length mirror to get the complete visual of their "creative" ensemble.

Did you catch the reflection of the Hannah Montana poster in the mirror?
Pink room for L.

Yellow room for O.
Perched at the top of O's is the tassel I bought her from NoGreaterGift on Etsy. I bought her a crystal bird with feather accents. O reminds me in a lot of ways as a fragile bird. She was my sicker preemie and the one everyone worried about. Boy, did she fool us!
L got this pretty pink angel. Everything in L's world is pink. She also my scardey I told her this angel was here to watch over her while she sleeps.

Finally, O picked this photo of her Grandma Hof with her in the days after she was born. She put it in a spot right next to her bed so that see can see grandma whenever she wants. Of course, we know she looking over her too!

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