Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tie It Up

In my bloggy travels this week, I found this great wreath for Valentine's Day!

You can find this and other treasures by Lissa at Lissalaneous on Etsy or visit her gallery. She also has clipboards like the ones I created here and a ribbon topiary that is in my future. She has really creative things...go visit her!

I decided to try to make it myself. Off to Hobby Lobby I went...just as the sleet started on Monday night. What a girl won't do for a cute craft project!

This is how my turned out...

Not too shabby for a first attempt! I was too tired to take pictures while I was creating my masterpiece but I will share with you the supplies I used.

12 inch foam wreath
3 yards (should have bought 4) white, wide grosgrain ribbon to cover the wreath
hot glue to secure to ribbon
ribbons of multiple colors and widths (I cut them 10 inches for the thinner ribbons and 11+ inches for wide widths)

I wrapped the wreath with the grosgrain ribbon and secured it with hot glue. I just wanted to cover the foam. This step may not be necessary because the other ribbons covered it well. I cut the small ribbons and started tying...that's it! Easy peasy!!!!

How would I do it differently? I wish I had used a solid pink ribbon. Aside from that, I L.O.V.E. it!

I also bought small heart shaped wreaths to do for each of the kids' bedroom doors. I think I'll let the kids pick out the ribbons and the girls can help with the cutting. What a great snow day project!!


  1. Now thats showing some love!!! How cute~

  2. I think that's pretty cute! You diid a great job! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I loved your comments! I have you entered in my giveaway too! Good luck!


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