Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Boy...Most Days

Cute shoes...right?

Even cuter on my little boy! Don't tell daddy!

Have a great Wednesday! More kitchen stuff to come because the paint will go on this weekend!


  1. Teehee. He looks adorable and it's cute the way he's playing with those shoes.

  2. He he.... thats is just too darn stinking cute~

  3. Hi Jenny! Love your little guy in the shoes...we have the same pair at our house, but all the feathers have disappeared. sigh. Anyhoo, LOVE THE WREATH! You did a great job! Sorry it took me so long to hop over and check it out...I haven't gone through the comments on my older posts in a few days, and just discovered your comment today! I'm so glad that you made one! Sorry about all the button-finding quests (and sorry I didn't tell you in the tutorial how small it really is. tiny, huh?) Have a great day! (Oh, and I can't wait to see the finished kitchen!)


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