Monday, January 19, 2009


Courtesy Restoration Hardware

Kimba at A Soft Place to Land did a post recently about the challenges of finding the perfect paint color. I don't know anyone that thinks this task is easy. I have had several disasters, many near misses and lots of success! Although the more times I have chosen paint, the better I get at it.

So I need a kitchen color...and decided to try Kimba's suggestion and use Restoration Hardware paint. It's even on sale this month!!! That keeps the hubby happy! :) And the budget intact...oh wait...there is no budget! I'm really bad about that.

I started looking and decided on....butter! I mean-it is a kitchen after all! What could be better than butter on the walls? Paula Dean should try it in her kitchen.

So...the painting was done on Saturday. It took hubby all day...1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. Now, I can't get a decent picture of the color to share with you. Stupid camera! I think I need a good sunny day for some natural light. You'll have to trust me that it is gorgeous! It covered really well and looks like butta! It truly is the perfect yellow without all the searching. Thanks, Kimba, for the advice!

The following are some more kitchen inspiration...all have yellow walls and white cabinets.

Love the glass fronts on the cabinets and white (not stainless) appliances. I have to love the white appliances because I am not getting new ones. redo on the cheap!

This kitchen has the touches of blues I want. Oh...and the rooster!

Had to include this one...check out the yellow KitchenAide mixer! My source of inspiration!

I think this final one is the closest to my dream...creamy yellow walls, white cabinets with a black island. LOVE IT!

More kitchen posts to come...


  1. so LOVE the color yellow. It's always been my fav. One of my bathrooms is yellow and another is pretty stinkin close to it, then I branched out and made one pumpkin/copper. But the yellow with white cabinets is so pretty. thanks for the inspiration. You will love it all wen it's done. BTW my son was reading ur blog with me and out of his mouth he says, she needs to write books or something. She writes really good.

  2. I love those pictures! :) Yellow is a beautiful color to work with! Hi, My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I want to personally invite you to a new blog I created to share with creative and inspiring women... Project:{Create A Home}...The concept of this idea is to bring women together to create more inspiration and a path to our own dreams...Come check it out! We are open to new ideas and inspiration...This is our blog! :) And Screaming Meme is still up and going! I have a lot of wonderful new plans for 2009! I look forward to getting to know you

  3. I love Restoration Hardware paint, the yellows and pinks are gorgeous. and I love their Silver Sage color - it's gorgeous.

    thanks for your comment, glad you stopped by!

  4. I really like the pics you included. I like the second kitchen the best. Old fashion and cozy. I want the yellow mixer!! Can't wait to see the Butta Kitchen!



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