Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kitchen Dreams

I LOVE my new house but there are still many unfinished (& yet to be started) projects. The biggest is the kitchen. It is spacious with numerous cabinets and a large pantry. The problem is that it is not my style. The light cabinets and counter tops, the ugly wallpaper...all not me.

Well, I have found my inspiration!!!

Isn't she pretty?! I have loved her for years now, but would never spend the money for her. Since moving into the new house, I have been cooking and baking a lot more. I think it is because we have such an open floor plan so I don't feel disconnected from the kids when I'm in the kitchen. OR maybe it is because the girls are in school ALL DAY!

Yes...it is the KitchenAid Artisan 5qt. mixer! SIGH! Hubby gave it to me as an early Christmas present and I LOVE IT! I love him, too!

Now on with the inspiration...the color. It is that beautiful deep blue that I adore. From this, I have developed a plan for my entire kitchen! Crazy? I don't think so.

This dining room is from Country Living. I think the fabrics are fantastic! I must find them! I love toile, even though I don't have any in my home. Well here is my chance to go crazy!

This kitchen layout looks a lot like mine. I love the creamy cabinets and the accent pieces. This, too, must be mine! I must start looking for white plates and roosters!

So...French Country it is!

Funny things is...I was planning this post since I got the mixer and just got around to writing it. Yesterday The Nester and Susie Harris both wrote about their kitchens and BOTH had beautiful roosters and white plates for me to gaze at. The Nester also had slipcovers on her chairs that I am extremely jealous of.

Enough already!

That is the inspiration but the actual creation may be months or more off. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Oh you go girl!!! I must tell you that I read on the computer that the color blue is the color for 2009. You are a step ahead of us girlfriend! I cant wait to watch your kitchen come to life. Just hearing about makes me smile! Have fun with it~

  2. Kitchen aids are so inspiring aren't they? Now you need to name her!

    Love those kitchens too!

  3. Jamie,
    I covet that same mixer only in red, and have drooled over that same kitchen from afar! You kids at Christmas are adorable, your one lucky lady. ~Cathy~


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