Sunday, December 28, 2008

Date Night

My hubby and I are truly children of the 80's. We love hair bands and parachute pants, Aquanet and big hair. We were high school sweethearts, so danced to many Bon Jovi and Journey songs at school dances. (I sound like an old woman!)
Last week I won tickets from STLMommy for Stone in Love concert. It's tribute bands for Journey and Bon Jovi! Yeah!! We dropped the kids off at Grandma and Papa's and out on a date we went. First was dinner at Trailhead in St. Charles and then off the concert.
Hubby and I LOVE to people watch and this was like hitting the jackpot. There were people there of EVERY age! People brought their toddlers and grandmas! Very interesting! We actually felt really young based on the average age in the arena. There might be a new hole in the ozone from all the hairspray used that night!
Then the music started...Bon Jovi tribute band first. We laughed a lot and sang some too. The lead singer was hysterical, although I don't think that was his intent. He was a little pudgy and not sexy AT ALL...unlike Jon Bon Jovi who is SOOOO sexy! The band was really very good and we had a great time listening to music from the early days of our relationship.

Next was the Journey tribute band Stone in Love. The singer sounded a lot like Steve Perry and we really enjoyed it. I think some of the concert goers had quite a bit to drink by then and everyone was lively (trying to be nice here!). By the way, Steve Perry is not sexy, so he doesn't get a photo!
We had a great time, so thanks to Kim for the great giveaway!!

I have ton to tell about Christmas, but this seemed more important today!!!!!

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  1. I am so glad that you had fun! You made my day.

    Walgreens ad.. I think the family was done with me and I was done with the computer after it. It took 5 hours but I was happy on the way home from Wags this morning! :)

    Take care,


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