Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Gift Overload

I read the article by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom too late to make any changes this year, but next year there will be a new attitude for Christmas gifts. She talks about the 3 gifts: something to read, something to wear and something they need! What a great idea and, as a good Catholic mom, I can remind the kids of the 3 gift Jesus received at his birth. All the nuns at Epiphany would be so proud of me!!
My sister asked me during the 5th Christmas gathering if the kids got everything on their list. It only took me a moment to realize the answer was YES! OMG! Isn't there suppose to be a recession?! Does this make me a bad mom OR a great mom? I think neither, but I was still embarrassed by the fact that they were so overindulged. Now...not all the things on their list were brought by Santa or given by me and hubby. The grandparents and aunts/uncles chose from the list also. But still...everything on their lists!
So next year will be different. No more adding up money spent and number of gifts under the tree. Instead, a more practical approach to gift giving...3 for everyone!
I do have to share a proud mommy moment. L wanted a 2 wheeled scooter more than anything. It was not under the tree on Christmas Eve morning. She recognized that it was not there and simply said she would just ask for it again next year. I was SO proud! Maybe I am doing something right. (She got the scooter 2 days later from Grandpa Hof!)

*Santa made his deliveries a day early because my crazy job required me to work 24 hours on Christmas this year. The kids didn't seem to mind!

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