Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Open House

Just wanted to give a brief look around the house for the holidays. It was hard to decorate the new house. The tree now seems too small and there doesn't seem to be enough of anything. It's OK with will be a project that I can add to over the years. Rome wasn't built in a day!

The yellow butterfly ornament was made by Grandma Hof. I don't know what grade I was in but the great hair was already there! HA!HA! The star was made by Sandy for the boy's first Christmas. She is wonderful about carrying on the traditions started by Grandma Hof. Thanks, Sandy!

Another ornament hand painted by Grandma Hof dated 1976. (I really need a better camera!)

I started collecting Nativity Scenes a few years after getting married. This one is from my trip to Europe with mom. I bought it in Prague. It is made out of corn husks. Mom would often bring nativities home for me after a trip.

Stocking sewn by Grandma Hof. Sandy has also continued this tradition for all of the kids.

A pretty tree with cardinals and a nest hidden inside. This was mom's and I always loved it. It sits in the middle of the great room and reminds me of her everyday!

A simple collection of snowmen.

Susie Harris, I have big pine cones too!

This sled was Grandma Torlina's. I have always used it to hold my Christmas cards. I think she did the same.

Another dollar store snowflake. I seemed to have found many places to put them!

When I look at the photos I chose to include, most dealt with family and holiday memories. Family is what the season is all about. Hubby and I have tried really hard this year to have love of family and the Lord be the main focus in our home. I hope that my children will have many memories to cherish of their time with me at the holidays. My home is filled the memories of the women who taught me the importance of family and tradition. Thank you for the lessons learned.

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