Monday, January 12, 2009


The wreath is done!! I love it! It was really easy to do once I figured out how little it was suppose to be. The only sticking point was getting enough buttons. I had bought them at Hobby Lobby but they didn't have anymore to complete it. I then bought buttons at every other craft and fabric store in the area but didn't think they were quite right. Finally, I decided to just go with what I had and here are the results...

I think it is perfectly imperfect! I'm not sure it is even round!

I couldn't decide between the blue and white gingham or a plain cream ribbon. What do you think?

It doesn't have a home yet. I think it might be a kitchen window but it will need a twin. Oh no...that means more buttons! I don't know if the marriage can take another button quest! :) I guess I should start collecting them like Wendy! Then there would be more button crisis!

I love the way the light comes through the more translucent buttons.

This may be my favorite spot! Remember...the whole color scene of the kitchen is going to be centered around the lovely mixer!

Thanks again to Wendy for the inspiration!

Did you notice I included a photo with that ugly wallpaper again? That was on purpose! More on that to come....

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  1. The ribbon just topped it off! Love it~
    You asked where I put all of my laundry room junk.... throughout the rest of the house. No kidding. The laundry room stays the cleanest cause I think kids and husband are afraid to go in there. Go figure~


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