Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Valentine

I earlier wrote about my lack of Valentine decor. Here is a quick look at the things I now have...

The beautiful ribbon wreath...actually hung on the front door. Please ignore the holes in the door. The previous owners had a door knocker that they took on their way out...I can't find one to fit the holes!!

I also made a small heart shaped ribbon wreath for the back door. There was suppose to be 2 of them but procrastination got the better of me! And of course, the $1 window clings. How chic!

In my post about buttons, I hinted about a Valentine project with all the pink buttons left over. Here it is... I'm not sure it even looks like a heart anymore! I covered a styrofoam heart with ribbons then hot glued buttons. I like the other heart more with just the ribbons. Maybe I should stick to copying ideas of others instead of making up my own!! {Notice the cookbook stand has remained unchanged! Still thinking about it.}

I made the banner in its original size from Skip to My Lou and put it on each kid's bedroom door. They loved it!

Then the girls did some decorating of their own. They made these at Daisies and shared one with a friend. This one was made for O by her friend Sophia.

I have bragged in the past about controlling refrigerator clutter by using clipboards. Apparently the girls had other ideas. Many of these little treasures were made in preschool. However, some were made by me. I've come a long way from sad foam hearts decorated with markers and weird things glued on!!

There was a plan for one more project using my CD of Vintage Valentines...again...procrastination. So here is the picture from William Sonoma and a link to the Shabby Nest because she did not procrastinate!

Finally {I'm exhausted}, these are the gifts for my girls. I purchased them from the buzybunny etsy shop. They are so cute in fact that I gave them to the girls last night so they could wear them to school today! And they are a bargain at $7 each! They are handmade by the lovely Julia who actually lives close to me! Funny what you can discover on etsy!

For the wild man...a car. Boring to me but he will love the store bought, mass produced gift.
For the hubby...don't know yet! We are not really exchanging due to the kitchen redo but he always buys me something just to make me look bad!
So much for "a quick look" at my Valentine decor! I need a nap!


  1. You are working it girl! My poor house has no love showing,hehe. I didnt get around to doing a thing but red candles. Guess our love has to be enough,ha! Take care and thanks for sharing all of your sweet goodies!

  2. Thanks so much Jenny! I appreciate the post! And your crafts look great! I'm actually on Show Me St.Louis once a month showing crafts ideas too! You can find more on me at! And don't laugh..I offer childcare too! :-)

    Thanks again!


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