Monday, February 2, 2009

A Proper Perch

So I fell in LOVE with this cookbook stand from Wisteria! Isn't it pretty?! I had to have it! I thought the cookbook I was given for Christmas need to be properly displayed in the kitchen and this was just the right way. What a great way to honor mom!


I am amazed at the fact that I think nothing through! I bought a black stand for my black cookbook! DUH! Well...maybe it's not a black stand but it's really dark. It actually looks much lighter in the picture. The cookbook just completely blends into its background.

Here it is with some other books...

Looks lovely open to a beautiful dessert...

Now what?! I'm considering painting it a glossy white. Or I could send it back. I need help!!

What would you do?


  1. The problem is that it's dark with your dark walls or cabinet behind it. In the picture you liked they had a light bright colored background and a little book... honestly, these picture stagers are very sneaky. I love the cookbook stand! It's darling.

    Hey, just a heads up for our Kids Storage Party on Wednesday the 4th. Hope you'll have time to link up over at Should be loads of fun and very helpful! Hope to see you there,

    Oh, BTW, THANK YOU so much for the award! I'm always so flattered to hear from readers and know you like stopping by. Thanks again:)

    Pretty Organizer

  2. I love the cookbook stand! I think you can work with it to hold the special cookbook! That's why you bought it. Maybe you can paint it and rough the edges a bit to let the black show through some. Just a thought.

    Have a great day!

  3. I have to ask. Is this a cookbook of all your mom's recipes? I see her picture on the front and wonder. If so, what a great way to honor your mom.


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