Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Greater Love

There is lots of talk in blogland about Valentine's Day. I thought I would share with you one of the great loves of my Dyson Vacuum! Crazy? No! Not when you have moved into a house that has NEW, very light beige carpet that shows E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! I can't justify ripping it out...yet. So I have to do my best to keep it clean. For that fight, the Dyson is my weapon of choice. Armed with powerful suction and handy attachments, I conquer the bits of dirt and grime left by those that I love! {That speech should have been accompanied by some Star Wars-like music or something! So dramatic!}

This is the one I own and, yes, it's pink! I bought on some breast cancer special at Target and I love that it's pink! It makes vacuuming more glamorous. Not really...but I do love to vacuum! I wish I could do it everyday. Nice vacuum lines make my heart go pitter-patter! I might need to see a doctor for that!


  1. I have a "thing" for vaccumming too!
    I love the pink!
    Chrissie Grace

  2. I am super jealous of your pink vacuum! I have it in purple, and I LOVE it too!

  3. That line about the nice vacuum lines brought back memories! When I was in high-school my mom used to make me vacuum the house every day, not every Monday, not every OTHER day, EVERY DAY (well, to be fair, I had weekends off). But it was I who insisted on the perfectly symmetrical lines! We have the same disorder! VLMD (Vacuum Line Maniacal Disorder)
    I solved my problem by going with all hard surface flooring!
    Thanks for your comment at The Inspired Room!

    Tim @ Remodeling Guy


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