Tuesday, February 3, 2009

M.I.A. Valentine Decor

I sent the hubby to the basement to retrieve the Valentine decor and...there was Nothing!
OK...not quite nothing. But only a table cloth and some homemade stuff from the girls in years past. So now all I have is my pretty door wreath that I made! How could this be? Don't I have an assortment of cute pink and red hearts or a wreath for the door? Where are all the candles for the holiday dedicated to romance? Still nothing! ZIP! ZERO! ZILCH! NOPE! NADA!

Off to the computer I went and found a fabulous site...Skip to My Lou! Where has this site been hiding in my pursuit of craftiness?! I found this great Valentine banner that was so easy! She has great, simple ideas with FREE templates for her designs! You'll be seeing more "borrowed" ideas to come!

It was set up to make smaller banners but I enlarged each letter to be the size of a full sheet of paper. The smaller version would be great on the kiddos' bedroom doors!

I add glitter to them and strung them on some ribbon....DONE!

Perfect by the photos of the kids. I hope they'll be my Valentines!

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  1. For someone who says they are not very crafty. You sure do some cute things. I am going to visit that website, it sounds like it has a lot of cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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