Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Store Bought Valentines!

Every year (well, just the 2 years my kids have been in school) we go to Target to browse the Valentine isle for the typical, mass produced Valentine cards. Now that I am a "crafty mom" (L's words, NOT mine), I knew that I could do something better.

I just told you about the great banner I made from Skip To My Lou. should see her Valentine card ideas! This is what O will be taking to school...

A flower for each of her friends. Just print out the templates on card stock and cut! O signed her name to each leaf and helped assemble. So cute!

Of course, we had to do something different for L. I have been following The Graphics Fairy for some time now and really love her daily post of clip art. I showed L some of them and she loved them too. Off to ebay I went and found a CD of vintage Valentines. Over 1000 vintage Valentines! We picked out her favorite ones and printed them of card stock.

The CD is great with cards from different eras and different shapes. There were lots of little kids, birds and cherubs for the choosing. However, we steered aways from the cherubs due to their lack of clothing...not appropriate for a kindergartner to give to her friends! I know I will find many uses for it!

She signed her name and drew a picture on the back of each one! We'll also be taping on a sucker for each kid as a treat.

Try not to get "suckered" into the generic, try to create (or copy) something of your own!


  1. Hi Jenny,
    What cute projects these are, I bet the kids will love them!! Thanks for mentioning my site.


  2. Oh those are so cute. I loved helping my kids with valentines when they were little. There friends are gonna love those so much more than the store bought ones.

  3. That is hilarious!!! I made those exact flowers for our craft last year at Alex's Preschool Valentines Day Party! :) I just made the leaves out of hearts and then we used pretty tissue paper to put around them and tie a ribbon. They are way to cute!


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