Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Very Royal

Happy Fat Tuesday! Yesterday I had the genius idea to create my first King Cake in preparation for Fat Tuesday. I was inspired to do so by Cindy at Skip to my Lou to make my own...from scratch! CRAZY! FUN!

Don't know what a King Cake is? King Cakes actually began as a tradition around the Feast of Epiphany, or Twelfth Night, celebrating the arrival of the 3 Kings to Jesus and offering of gifts. The traditional Mardi Gras King Cake is more a sweet bread than cake. It has a small plastic baby hidden inside and is decorated with the traditional colors of Mardi Gras, gold, green and purple. The person that finds the baby in the cake is suppose to have good luck and is responsible for providing the next cake. Enough of this history lesson given by a nurse in Missouri!

Off I went to complete my happy task! It looked like a bomb went off in my a good way. I felt like I was my grandma, measuring and grating, stirring and kneading dough. I was so proud of myself and left my dough to rise while I picked the kids up from school. Then I got home and started making a turkey dinner. Yes, turkey and homemade dressing while making a cake from scratch. {I really should talk to someone about my issue of over committing myself!}Before long, the dough was allowed to rise TOOO long and I had this crazy amount of dough to work with. But I worked on and completed the cake. It was not the prettiest but it worked! I could hardly twist the crazy thing even after I tried to make the pieces thinner. Oh well...not trying to win a beauty contest here! If you want to see a good looking cake, check out the link to Cindy above!

Here it is completed! I couldn't find purple sugar so I made my own. Does it look grey to you too?

Despite all of this silliness, it was pretty good. And no one found the baby last night...I'm sure one of the kids will find it tonight!


  1. Oh it looks great.. Hubby bought one tonight even though we are trying to watch our weight. But it was sooo good,filled with strawberries and cream cheese. I did not know about St.Louis being second to New Orleans. Don't worry this follower loves history...

  2. I ate half a king cake today...oh yes I did~ Yours looks good,yum!
    I just wanted to come by and say thank you. Thank you for your sweet comment today. It was heartfelt...thanks again~

  3. It looks good.... I'd eat it! I am taunting you with the cabinet.. just you.. how did you know? ;)

  4. So cute - I saw some in the grocery store and yours are Just as cute. :)


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