Monday, May 11, 2009

Run, Forrest, Run!

I have already blogged about not being a chef and not having any creative ideas of my own. Another thing I am not....a runner. I have always felt awkward running as an adult and have never been able to control my breathing. Well, I'm still not a runner but I ran my first 5K this weekend! CRAZY! I won't say that I loved because I didn't. I did, however, feel a real sense of accomplishment. I was just plain proud of myself! What a great feeling!
Why would I do such a thing? For the love of my mom and her love of a parish. Epiphany parish is right at the core of who I am. It is where I spent the first 18 years of my life and where I built friendships that have lasted 30+ years. When I heard about the Run for the Stars, I thought it would be a great way to honor mom and could become an annual family tradition. So all the sisters showed up and we had a glorious time! Kathy and Sandy both walked but Kathy is committed to run next year. Melanie and I did the run. She was there to support and encourage me. She developed plans and strategies for us to finish in 40 minutes. Now understand, Melanie is actually a runner and could have finished in half that time. She was there to help me achieve my goals.

They say the best laid plans are often not achieved. I didn't exactly follow the plan. I did better! At the first preplanned walking section, I felt great and thought I should just keep going. However, our friend, Sara, was with us too and I didn't want to mess up the plan we had made. Then...I thought I should do what I needed for myself. Off I went. Melanie stayed behind to motivate Sara. Mel is such a good person!

Now I was by myself even though I was surrounded by other runners. I concentrated on steady, even breathing. I also prayed. I asked for strength. Then I talked to mom. I told her I was doing this in her memory and I would not fail her. Her voice came to me as if she was right beside me. OK, you can think I crazy but I tell you it's true. I continued to hear words of encouragement from her when I asked for them. I found myself smiling often. I felt so close to her. It was almost overwhelming.

I finished the race in 36:25, well below my goal of 40 minutes!

Melanie and Sara finished a few minutes later.

What a great evening! Will I become an avid runner? NO! However, I will continue to do small events like this that I enjoy. Next race...June 6!


  1. That is so cool, Jen! Where is the June 6th run?

  2. I am soo happy I made the blog!!YES!!


  3. Hey! You asked if I had posted about the pictures in my master before. The answer is yes! Here's the link

    Glad you like them!!

  4. Good for you for running! Congrats! Jen


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