Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror....

I have had projects floating around in my head for months. I finally got motivated because I am having a small party at my house and wanted to get a few things done. I have lots to share but only one at a time....otherwise I'll having nothing to blog about for week!

I "borrowed" this idea from another blog but it has been so long that I can't remember where or when therefore I can't give that person credit for the idea. {Remember, I have no creative thoughts of my own!} Oh, well!
My bathrooms are full of builder stock square mirrors...boring. I would have loved to rip the one out in the powder room downstairs, but the hubby had already painted that room and I knew not to ask. So here is how I made boring....better.
I bought an old frame at the antique mall. I think I paid $10. I can't remember, I've inhaled WAY too much spray paint fumes! Then I got my cans of gloss white spray paint and some ribbon.



If you are going to hang it over a mirror, be sure to paint the back as well. Lesson #1 learned!

I hung the painted frame on a ribbon from my light fixture.

See....I'm right in the middle!

Boring mirror not so boring anymore! Just so you know how unmotivated I have been, it took me 2 months from the time I bought and painted the frame to hanging it! Pathetic!


  1. Cute! I've thought about doing something similar for a while and was a bit aprehensive to try it...but now I think I will. It really dresses up those plain bathroom mirrors. Good job!

  2. Great work! It looks wonderful and does make those plain mirrors look special!

  3. That looks really cool. I have never seen that done before.My daughter would love that done to her mirror. Oh by the way when you decide to sew let me know, I have lots of fabric.LOL

  4. Love it! Such a silly thing makes such a difference, doesn't it? I hung a wreath on my boring bathroom mirror and I just love how much better it looks. The frame looks great!

  5. Oh Jenny,
    What a clever and creative it! It looks great and gives the bath so much charm!

  6. LOVE IT! Very creative - those are the touches to houses I love. Simple but beautiful!

  7. Love what you did with the mirror! I think you may have seen that on the Nester's site - I saw her idea and copied it in my bathroom using two black square frames on my very wide mirror.


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