Thursday, May 28, 2009


Back in March, I read this post from Little Window Shoppe about preparing for the tooth fairy. (By the way, that blog is now closed but she has great things in her archives!) No one had a loose tooth in the house at that time but I thought maybe I should prepare. Gasp! Yes, I would prepare! It would be just like me to be at Target at 9:59PM trying to buy something special for that first tooth on the night the tooth fairy should come. So I shopped weeks ahead of time! I's scandalous!
O lost her first tooth 2 weeks ago after much pain (hers and mine) and drama. If I was a good mom, I would have a photo of her with a hole in her smile. We all know that is beyond me! However, she never did have a hole in her smile because her adult tooth came in COMPLETELY before she lost her baby tooth. AHHH...the guilt is gone!
L lost her first tooth today. There was less pain and drama with this one. She does have a nice hole in her smile!

So here is what I did to prepare. First I bought their tooth fairy pillows. I think they are so cute! I bought them on Etsy from Lil Pink Chicken. I think I paid $10.99 each plus shipping. They did custom colors and monograms. You can add or delete embroidery as you wish. I did as I usually do, told them to do what they thought was best. And they turned out great! I only wish I had bought the little wild man one while I was at it.

O put her tooth in the little pocket so there was no digging under the pillow in the dark trying to find it and exchange it for $1! Making life easy for the momma!

Then I got some books for summer time reading. The girls have really improved with their reading and I don't want them to lose momentum over the summer.

So the tooth fairy comes again tonight! Such excitement in the house! Maybe this "being prepared" thing will become a regular part of our lives.....probably not!

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