Monday, May 18, 2009

Is 30 the New 21?

What a great weekend! I pulled off my first surprise party! Melanie turned 30 last month and I gushed about her here. I wanted to give her a surprise party but I was at Disney and LOTS of her friends are involved in college athletics....which means her birthday is at a really inconvenient time! How dare she?!

So I got her to the house on the premise of a purse party....she really doesn't use purses but it was all I could come up with.

The challenge of Melanie's is trying to find her friends from ALL over the country. She went to college in Iowa and graduate school in Louisville. Thank the Lord for Facebook and google. That is how I found a few "core" people that helped me located the rest. When she came around the corner and saw her Louisville girls, she knew something was up!

Melanie got some really fun gifts. Dad even did his own shopping and gave her some nice "Tupperware" aka old butter tubs! Dads are the best!

The sisters! Thanks to Sandy and Kathy for helping me put this thing on!

Is 30 the new 21? It sure looked like it in my backyard! You're only as old as you feel and everyone felt YOUNG that day!

Happy Birthday, Tiger!

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