Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm a Big Chicken

Yep that's me! Right there in the picture! At least they got my good side in the photo!

Or maybe I'm a scaredy cat....

This is a package I received in the mail 2 weeks ago. Normally, I rip any package open right there on the foyer floor. Not this one. It still sits in the dining room {blending into the carpet, I might add} waiting to reveal itself.

This is who sent it to me. It's fabric. Fabric for my kitchen chairs. I searched high and low for just the right buffalo check to redo my kitchen chairs. I found it at Yet, it is unopened.

This is what the sample looks like off the internet. You can check (ha! ha!) it out here.

So what am I afraid of?! I have never bought fabric over the internet before. I didn't see it or touch it before I decided to reupholster my chairs with it. What if it is all wrong? What if I don't like the color, the texture, the feel... What if it won't wear well with my kiddos? The ANXIETY!
So there is sits...until I have the courage to open it or get a good shrink!


  1. Hi Jen, thanks for visiting my blog, I sure do appreciate it and hope you'll come back when you can.
    Your kiddos are so cute and what an amazing job you have!
    Now open that fabric!

  2. ah..come the darn thing!

  3. Can wait to see it. Hope it is what you wanted. I am sure the chairs will turn out great!

  4. OPPS! What I wanted to type was, CAN'T wait to see it...

  5. Can you return it if it's not what you are looking for?

  6. Just take a deep breath and open that baby up!


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